Information for former Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. (TBW) Customers

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Saturday, 9:00am - 4:00pm

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Updated September 27, 2010:

Contact Us

Q - What are Cenlar's Customer Service hours of operation?
A - Our normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST. We expanded our hours to Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm to better serve your needs. You may also contact us 24/7 via or contact us via e-mail at Please include your loan number on all e-mail communications.


Q - Is there a way I can view my account information online?
A - Yes, please visit our mortgage website at and complete the registration process. Information such as loan balance, last payment amount, tax/insurance payments, and E-Pay via the web is just a few features available.

Q - I'm having difficulty registering on your website. I received an error message stating my information does not match.
A - If you have not tried already, please use your ten digit Cenlar loan number when registering on the website. If you continue to receive an error message, please contact Customer Service.

Tax and Insurance

Q - I received a real estate tax and/or property insurance bill. What should I do to ensure my bill is paid?
A - All real estate tax bills should be mailed to: Central Loan Administration & Reporting, 6053 S. Fashion Square Drive, Suite 200, Murray, UT 84107 or fax to (801)-284-4680. Please reference your Cenlar loan number on the bill.

Property insurance bills should be mailed to: Central Loan Administration & Reporting, PO Box 202028, Florence, SC 29502-2028 or Fax to (843)-413-7133. Please reference your Cenlar loan number on the bill.

Q - TBW was supposed to pay my real estate taxes, however they didn't and now they are past due. How can I make sure they are paid by you?
A - To expedite the payment of your taxes, please fax a copy of your tax bill to (801) 284-4680 and include your Cenlar loan number. Please be assured that you will not be responsible for any penalty and interest charges assessed.

Q - My insurance policy is in jeopardy of being cancelled because the bill remains unpaid, what should I do?
A - In the event you received a cancellation notice, please fax a copy of your bill to (843) 413-7134 and make certain you include your Cenlar loan number.

Q - Will my hazard insurance mortgagee clause and loss draft information on my policy change?
A - You should contact your insurance company to confirm that the new servicer change is reflected on your policy. Please include your Cenlar loan number with the Mortgagee Clause change. The mortgagee clause should read as follows:

Central Loan Administration & Reporting, its successor and/or assigns
PO Box 202028
Florence, SC 29502-2028.

Payment Handling

Q - Who do I make my payment checks payable to?
A - Central Loan Administration & Reporting

Q - Where do I send my payment?
A - Please send your payment to Central Loan Administration & Reporting, PO Box 11733, Newark, NJ 07101-4733. You may check our mortgage website to confirm receipt at Payments can also be made on-line via the website.

Q - I would like to make my payment online. What do I need to do?
A - To make an online payment you must first register and log into our website, Then click on "Current Loan Information" and select "Make your Payment Online". The system will guide you through a step by step process to complete your transaction.

Q - Have I been charged any late fees during the servicing transfer transition period?
A - Central Loan Administration & Reporting

Q - You are not reporting to the credit bureaus during this transition period, when can I expect this to begin?
A - We are not reporting because we do not have accurate information from TBW about some borrowers. We haven't reported any former TBW borrowers because we have no way of indentifying those who are affected. However, if you prefer to have us begin reporting on your loan to the credit agencies, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Refinancing/Loan Modifications (Home Affordable Mortgage Program, Home Affordable Refinance Program))

Q - How do I find out more about the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)?
A - Information about the federal Making Home Affordable (MHA) programs, including HARP, is available on the MHA website. This website provides detailed information on the options available under MHA along with resources to assist you with determining if you are eligible for a refinance or modification under the program.

Q - What options under HARP are available to former TBW customers?
A - If you are current on your mortgage payments and have a loan owned by Freddie Mac, you may contact any Freddie Mac-approved lender to determine your eligibility for refinancing under HARP, even if the lender is not the current servicer of your loan.

Q - Why can't Cenlar as my current mortgage servicer refinance my mortgage under HARP?
A - While Cenlar specializes in mortgage servicing, we do not originate loans and, as a result, are unable to refinance your mortgage. As your mortgage servicer, Cenlar and its representatives are available to meet all of your ongoing servicing needs, including a potential modification of your mortgage, if you are eligible.

Q - Can Cenlar help me find a Freddie Mac-approved lender that is participating in HARP?
A - Yes. Fifth Third Bank has agreed to help former TBW borrowers determine if they are eligible for refinancing under HARP. You may also work with any Freddie Mac-approved lender offering a HARP refinance. As a first step, answer the questions below to determine if you may be eligible to refinance your loan under HARP:

  1. Are you the owner of a 1-to 4-unit home?
  2. Does Freddie Mac own your existing mortgage? (To help you determine this, please use Freddie Mac's lookup tool at
  3. Are you current on your mortgage payments? ("Current" means that you have not been 30 or more days late on your mortgage payment in the last 12 months.)
  4. Do you believe that the amount you owe on your first mortgage is about the same or less than the current value of your house? (You may be eligible if your first mortgage does not exceed 125 percent of the current value of your home.)

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, Fifth Thrid Bank or another Freddie Mac-approved lender may be able to assist you with refinancing under HARP. Please note the states in which Fifth Third Bank originates loans and the maximum loan-to-value ratios (your loan amount divided by the value of your home) permitted for borrowers refinancing under HARP. As with all financing decisions, you must decide which lender is best suited to meet your needs and you must meet all the lender's refinancing requirements. Note: the lenders and terms listed below and on the Freddie Mac website are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the lender.

Q - What if I don't qualify for refinancing under HARP?
A - While HARP is designed to assist a large number of borrowers who are current on their mortgage payments but have been unable to refinance because of declining home values, not all borrowers or all loans will qualify for refinancing under the program. Please note that HARP is just one of several refinancing options in the marketplace that may be available to you. We encourage you to explore other available refinancing options based on your specific needs.

If you are current on your mortgage payments, but are facing financial challenges such as a significant increase in your mortgage payment, a reduction in your income, or a financial hardship that has increased your expenses, you may contact Cenlar directly to determine if you are eligible for a loan modification under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

Q - I am current on my loan, but I have recently had some changes that will impact my ability to pay my mortgage, what should I do?
A - If you're current on your loan and you would like to reduce your payments or change from a fixed rate to an adjustable rate, you may qualify for a refinance through the Making Home Affordable program. Please review the list of questions below to determine if you are eligible.

  1. Are you the owner of a 1-to 4-unit home?
  2. Do you have a loan owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?
  3. Are you current on your mortgage payments (not more than 30 days late on your payments during the past 12 months)?
  4. Do you believe the amount you owe on your first mortgage is about the same or less than the current value of your house?

If you answered "yes" to the 4 questions above, you may wish to visit the website for more detailed information about the Home Affordable Refinance Program.


Q - How do I order a payoff statement?
A - Please e-mail the following information to